Enterprise Network Consulting

Cloud Services

The Cloud Computing services address the long-standing challenge of businesses gaining affordable access to the latest technologies. The value of shifting IT costs from a capital expense to an operational expense brings an immediate financial advantage by eliminating large upfront costs. Cloud services are for organizations looking to outsource IT services to help lower their capital and operational costs. Clients depend on Global-ENC to provide reliable and scalable solutions, delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centers.

Off-Site Data Backup

Cloud storage networks provide the most cost-effective, high-performing, secure cloud storage and backup on the market today. Using patented cloud architecture, it puts the power of the cloud in your hands allowing you to take advantage of world-class data encryption, fast uploading and restoration, data redundancy, and global distribution.  Our cloud backup solution can be used for online backup, disaster recovery/business continuity, archiving, and more.

Data Hosting

The requirement for Document storage can grow over time. No matter how you grow and evolve, we'll make sure that you always have the right data hosting solution for your budget, capacity and performance needs. We offer industry-leading Service Level Agreements and support to back them all.  The operation, staff and support of multiple data centers across the world, provides a dependable environment to house your business-critical apps, websites and other networked services. These data centers support physical security, redundant power, high-bandwidth and reliable connectivity, all backed by 24x7x365 expert monitoring.   All AC power in the data centers is filtered and provided via uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. In the rare event of a utility grid power outage, each data center power source is backed up by both UPS battery systems and on-site generators.

Key Benefits
Key Benefits

Capital Expenditure Mitigation

With Global-ENC solutions, businesses can avoid the large capital expenditures associated with building and maintaining in-house data centers, while leveraging the efficiencies of a scalable, virtualized infrastructure to eliminate the hidden costs of IT resource underutilization.

Faster Time-to-Value

Global-ENC solutions accelerate the time-to-value for enterprise clients by eliminating long procurement cycles associated with in-house development projects, and ensuring deployments move quickly from staging to live production.

Superior Client Service

Global-ENC solutions are backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), 24x7x365 client support and an online client monitoring and management platform that provides complete oversight and control.

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Global-ENC's Disaster Recovery services are integrated into all enterprise-level solutions and are tailored to meet specific data recovery requirements, while mitigating the future risk of catastrophic data loss and downtime.