Enterprise Network Consulting

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services provides delivery and management of network-based services, software, and computer hardware to business enterprises. This includes fully outsourced network management arrangements, including advanced features like IP telephony, Virtual Private Network (VPNs), Managed Firewalls,  Security Monitoring/Management and Reporting, Multi-Factor Authentication Services, and Secure Multi-Factor Remote Access.

Business Benefits

This provides you with a unique way to pay for your use of technology as a service instead of a capital expense, and includes the ongoing service and support your business needs to keep working effectively. Our partnership with a leading International Cloud Service enables rapid deployment for business growth and expansion.


     Pay-as-you-go operational expense

        ♦ Affordable access to latest Technology
         Best-of-Breed Security Solutions 

High Performance Standard

Our contract performance to provide IT services is under constant measure using software applications that monitor and deliver reports directly to the

customer to track all professional IT services.  All Response times are recorded with time/date stamps from routine tickets to emergency calls.

         ♦ Average Customer Retention 15 Years

         ♦ 100% Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

         ♦ Best-of-Class Software Applications


 Managed IT Services Features:

  • Real Time Cyber Security Monitoring & Management - PC's, Servers, Tablets, Mobile devices, (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Real Time Cyber Security Monitoring & Management of Firewall and Security Appliances
  • Automated Security Patching
  • Automated DNS Black List Monitoring and Management
  • Secure Offsite Data Backups
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation
  • Warranty Asset Tracking