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VIPRE Endpoint Security offers the most comprehensive protection while still providing a light footprint and business-friendly architecture that doesn’t slow you down. The most advanced VIPRE solution available, it’s the ultimate security that that guards against both known and unknown threats.

Leading Features:    Advanced Active Protection
                              Email security and anti-phishing

                            Cloud-enabled malicious URL blocking
                            Strong firewall protection

 Proven Protection                                                                                              Security. Simplicity. Speed.

Mission #1 for your endpoint security solution is stopping malware. VIPRE Endpoint Security accomplishes this through next-generation scanning technology, always-on Advanced Active Protection, heuristics, signatures and other sophisticated detection methods. VIPRE malware defense is certified by these lead testing authorities.

VIPRE roaming service helps you secure and centrally manage computers that leave the network or are located in remote offices via a cloud-based service using secure HTTPS protocols. Easy to deploy and manage, VIPRE Endpoint Security frees you to focus your time and resources on more strategic projects that move your business forward.
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